THD’s Easy Suggestions to Fly Like an Eagle…

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Do what lies clearly at hand to do today. Live today. Live in the now. Keep clean, practice good hygiene, eat clean, exercise, meditate, keep organized, release clutter, do bodywork, do breath work, get a massage regularly if you can, get into nature, listen to music, rest, relax, take time to smell the roses…

Be quick to forgive people that annoy you or piss you off…Look people in the eyes (its an exchange of psychic energy that you both need), honor the sanctuary that is nature, be a good steward of the earth, try to remain adaptable to however life unfolds in the present moment.

Try to clarify what you’d prefer instead whenever you are feeling bugged about something, try to be patient with others and compassionate towards yourself, try to remain calm and non-reactive whenever you are presented with a challenging person or situation, try to find a different way of looking at a problem or situation that is bothering you by changing your stories about it.

Be still, be thankful for the things and conditions that you are truly grateful for, acknowledge your worth, fear not, live from your spontaneous intuition and do as the spirit leads…

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