The Happiness Dectective’s Life Philosophy in a Nutshell

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Well, its reflected all throughout this site, but in a nutshell…

Everything is happening on its own, all the time, all over the cosmos and there is little if anything that we can do about it. What we do not know will always greatly exceed what we do know and therefore life is a mystery and will likely always remain a mystery, although we try to explain it away with all our elaborate theories, hopes, beliefs and wishes. Where were you before you were born? What will happen to you when you die? Every one of us is one millisecond away from encountering the great unknown, the grand mystery of life. People pass from this earth every millisecond – we don’t typically care unless someone we know passes the threshold. We comfort ourselves with little stories about seeing such and such in heaven in the sweet by and by but these too are just beliefs, darts thrown at a board. There are many who believe the same as we do and that gives us comfort. Yet Jesus taught that the narrow gate leads to life – if we do what the herd does, will we go off the cliff with the rest of the lemmings? How fragile we are, Sting said it so well… We are all casting our lots regarding whatever we do believe or do not believe – life is like a wager in this way.  We are all atheistic towards any belief system that is not our own. A Christian is an atheist when it comes to Muslim teachings and vice versa. A Mormon is an atheist when it comes to the teachings that Jehovah’s Witness practitioners follow and vice versa. So many belief systems abound today. Its like a buffet, a smorgasbord of belief systems.  Ask yourself, can they ALL be right? Surely not. We are like so many millions of birds squawking on a cliff to each other…communicating utter nonsense.  We adopt and practice the teaching that we were raised in and scoff at the other groups outside of our own. Surely we are the winners and they are the losers. Surely they are going to hell and we are going to heaven. Religion works very well for many however and it is a necessity for a society to have the glue of religion. We are not evolved enough yet to do without it. We can see how violent we are with it, but without it we would likely behave like complete and total savages. Religion helps keep the brutes in line and gives people a feeling of community and structure and meaning which can be quite a beautiful thing in its own right.

Am I believer in Heaven and Hell? No, I believe those are ideas that were created in the dark ages in order to scare people into following the Roman Catholic Church. These ideas were formulated back before the masses of people could read or write. How many people today would continue to go to church if there was no threat of eternal punishment in a lake of fire? What a dreadful idea, but very effective for keeping people in line.

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