The Aquarian Age is Here…

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Having done a deep dive into astrology over the past 20 years it appears that we are at the very end of the Piscean age and are entering the Aquarian age. There are signs of this everywhere. Inventions such as the electric light bulb, the airplane, the telephone, the television and the personal computer were the first manifestations of the Aquarian age, and television shows like Star Trek, movies like Star Wars and the hippie movement of the 1960’s all radiated Aquarian-like energies.

Jesus is always associated with fish and water. There are numerous references to this in the New Testament such as, “I will make you fishers of men” and the parable of multiplying the fish and loaves of bread, and the commandment to be baptized in water, the parable of turning the water into wine, Jesus walking on water and him saying, “I will be with you until the end of the age” (the age of Pisces).  Pisces is symbolized by two fish and is a water sign. Pisces is also the sign of “self-undoing”. There is much talk about self sacrifice, death to self in the New Testament and a lot of guilt and martyrdom that is played out by its followers. The conscious or unconscious idea that being a hopeless sinner is somehow more spiritual than not.  The gruesome images of Jesus being crucified on the cross are lucid depictions of this idea of self undoing. Pisces is ruled by Jupiter and Neptune. Jupiter is all about expansion of the law, religious customs, beliefs and practices and Neptune is the planet of illusion…of “seeing through a glass darkly”. Neptune is symbolized by water, the oceans, mist, rain…the dreamworld, symbols, subconscious forces, etc. So there is a heavy influence on faith and belief in the Piscean age and the Aquarian age is less about hope, belief and faith in the unknown and more about what we can know, do, prove and understand. It is the age of science!

We are seeing these old, imprisoning, archaic belief systems and societal structures crumbling all around us. The wheels are really starting to wobble on the bus now. The catch is, it does not happen all at once. “Look ma, we are in the Aquarian age”…it takes hundreds of years for the transition to be completed, until we are full on in the Aquarian age. Think of how slow and subtle the movements of life are. It’s a gradual, slow moving process. The wheels of evolution turn very slowly…we are the ones rushing around like mad. Life takes its sweet time. Essentially what is happening is our planet is slowly moving into a physical alignment with the constellation of Aquarius. Planet Earth moves into alignment with a different constellation every 2000 years or so, through each sign of the zodiac and Pisces precedes Aquarius in succession. There is a fantastic book on this subject with numerous, powerful examples that prove we have been moving into the Aquarian age. Its called, “Signs of the Times: Unlocking the Symbolic Language of World Events” by Ray Grasse.

But basically the Pyramid style of Pisces leadership as manifested in global society is giving way to a more humanitarian and humane system. There are signs of this everywhere. In the Pisces structure, the elite have been able to easily prey upon the common man and woman for thousands of years. Think of how uneducated the masses were in the dark ages. Only few could read or write, and most lived in the most awful conditions and died young and tragic deaths. All the laws came down through the Roman Catholic church. The very calendar we use, the very days of the week we go by were birthed by committees of elite male priests in the dark ages. We collectively have been “self-undoing” ourselves as a society for centuries. Yes, there has been a lot of good to come out of Christianity but frankly just as much bad. Religious zealots, fanatics, extremists of all kinds have done unspeakable damage on all levels of human existence. Ironically they do not live peacefully as Jesus commanded them to live, they do not read or understand their own Bible which they vigorously defend.  They are remnants of an even older age, the age that preceded Pisces…the age of Aires which is all about war. The Old Testament is filled with killing and war and was presumably written 2000 years prior to Jesus (if he even existed at all). So all the good and bad brought about by Christianity kind of cancels each other out in my opinion. A lot of the “good” has gone to the elites of society and has trickled down to the rest of us as crumbs from the table. The future will be more like Star Trek and Star Wars than we realize. The very fact that these films came out of the human imagination at all and then were and are so wildly popular and resonant with billions of people is definitely a sign of things to come!

The Aquarian age will have its pros and cons like anything else however. The pros and cons thing is a higher truth that we are forced to acknowledge if we are honest with ourselves.  There will be different rewards and different challenges. Although Aquarius is referred to as the water bearer, it is actually an air sign and is ruled by both Saturn and Uranus. Some of the manifestations of Aquarius we already see or are starting to see: electricity, airplanes, the internet, social media, universal basic income, the minimalist movement (being realistic and scaling down), cyborg technologies (combination of human and computer), electronic over-stimulation, online marketplace activities (amazon and ebay, etc), smartphone technologies, instant global electronic connection, global eco-consciousness (saving the planet), PETA (humane treatment of animals), the rise of eastern philosophy and practices of yoga, etc by the masses (this was unthinkable prior to the 1950’s) and much, much, much more. So our daily lives will be more and more like a science fiction film and less and less like the dark ages. It will be more about the collective and less about the individual. In time, we will alleviate most human suffering when it comes to housing, health, food, transport, renewable energy, equality etc. The downsides to the Aquarian age are already becoming apparent however. The general robotic way we humans have become with each other, acute disconnection from one another, way too much information, isolation, loneliness, too much over-stimulation from television, computers, phones, internet, too much working and not enough play, gender identity issues, group dissatisfaction etc.  The planet Saturn represents time, work, darkness, responsibilities, cessation and death. The planet Uranus represents electricity, modern-everything, weirdness and genius.   One of my favorite sci-fi films of all time is the original “Blade Runner” (which is set in 2019). It’s all coming folks, including the whole replicant thing. Humans may even be phased out completely by robots or we may wipe ourselves out. Its real, and you should be concerned. The Matrix is another film that starts asking these questions, deals with these themes. Its not a coincidence that it resonated with so many.  Aquarius, which rules the 11th house in Astrology is about tribes and alternative communities – finding your tribe is and will be the key to making it work.  Aquarius is also about liberation – being free spirited, whereas Pisces is all about persecution. 

Finally, maybe you think, screw it I will be dead by the time the Aquarian age fully arrives – we are all screwed with being born into the mess we are in now.  If you think this, check out my post on reincarnation.    

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