Travel Light My Friends… Travel Light

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Its cliche but I cannot overestimate how important it is to travel light, especially if you are living in your van, car or RV. Clutter can lead to madness in those situations. You never want to look or feel like a bum or a pack-rat or a hoarder. If you must have stuff, get a storage unit in a centrally located area. Use a storage unit finder app or website to find the best deals. It is such a simple, zen-like joy to shed your belongings and travel with only the barest essentials. It may take some time to work out what stuff you really do need but be honest with yourself and notice if you really use everything that you brought along with you. The 80/20 principle states that we only use or wear approximately 20% of the things and clothes we own on any kind of regular basis.

All those things you think you need…you really don’t. If you don’t believe me, by all means bring all the stuff you want. I have done so many times over the years and ended up throwing away or donating many quality items that I paid good money for. But it was totally worth it for the way it makes you feel and think. You can always buy something you really need while traveling if the need arises. BTW If you want a good laugh, check out George Carlin’s comedy bit on “stuff”. Its pure genius and one of his cleaner comedy routines, truly a ‘must watch’:

Living on the road is definitely a survival game. You put yourself at a great disadvantage by carrying all your stuff with you. So do some easy feng shui and be done with it. You can thank me later. I wish I had got a storage unit back in 2015 when I was doing the van life but I’ve come to realize that life is an ongoing refinement process. Life’s answers don’t all come at once. You learn as you go…

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