My 6 All-Time Favorite Cities (and why)

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Hong Kong

New York

New Orleans




I am a lover of beauty and music and women and serenity and spontaneity and nature. A quality and feeling of unpredictable-ness, that anything can happen and does happen. I’m not cut out for the pleasant but predictable areas for long. They are nice to unwind and re-charge but soon the charm wears off. There is a homogeneous quality to most of the cities in America. If you have been to Columbus Ohio, then you have been to Albuquerque New Mexico. The only difference is the backdrop, there are beautiful mountains in New Mexico. This is an exaggeration obviously but most American towns and cities have completely sold out in favor of convenience in the form of strip malls, chain restaurants, cookie-cutter homes and cookie-cutter downtowns with cookie-cutter people.

There is a certain palpable electricity in the above cities, a feeling of community, a unique character, endless possibilities and urbanity harmonizing with nature. You really know you are someplace unique there, you are SOMEWHERE. My #1 favorite city has to be Amsterdam. Its really New Orleans (where I was born and raised) but there are so many heart-breaking problems there that never seem to get solved, and its crazy hot n’ sticky in the summer and crazy dangerous. When the temps rise in NOLA, so do the killings. But with ALL its problems, that city is still one of the best in the world. Its raw and real and its got heart and soul. It can really get in you down there. I can feel the magnetic pull of New Orleans from even a couple hundred miles away.


  1. A digital nomad and author, like you, now blogging 🧠🤙🏾….bound to drop serious jewels. Keep up the good work, bro!


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