There are So Many Churches, but So Few Christians

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The whole point of life is to evolve – and yes to create a kind of Utopia, a kind of heaven on earth.  Can it happen? I believe it can, it just takes a really damn long time. Seems like the Native Americans were doing well until Mr. Puritan came along with his guns and Bibles off the Mayflower.  The planets are not in any hurry, we are. Too many Christians are attached to the narrative that we are in the end times and that all the true believers are going to be raptured out of this hell hole called earth just about any day now, even though the word ‘rapture’ is not mentioned in the Bible even once. So instead of following Christ’s commandments to love one another as yourself or take no thought for the morrow or turn the other cheek, or be good stewards of the earth, we have collectively created a great big fuck you fest on planet earth. The pharisees and sadducees are still alive and well, 2000 years later. If Christ walked the earth today, they would crucify him all over again, via the electric chair versus the cross.  

Think about it. There is a church on practically every corner in America. We have been a decidedly “Christian” nation since the founding of the country, and look at all the problems that still exist.  Even within the Christian community there are approximately 33,000 subgroups of Christianity. That is 33,000 groups of people that cannot agree on anything. So look at “their fruits” and judge them by that – this is an admonition from the Bible. One would think after a few hundred years or so, all this Bible learning and church going would create a more humane, kind, Christ-like citizen. Americans have turned the peaceful Christian doctrine into a doctrine of war and entitlement. Give me more guns and get off my lawn! And bomb the Arabs! Screw the poor! Eradicate the homeless! Get a job! And Go to Church!

A lot of people talk about what Heaven will be like or what it definitely is like. I don’t care for most of their descriptions nor do I care to be stuck for all of eternity with them on a cloud somewhere, singing Contemporary Christian worship music for ever and ever.

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