Are We All Living in a Simulation? I Think Not or Maybe I Do

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Are we all living in a simulation? Of all the theories I’ve investigated, this one just does not resonate for me, although there are many brilliant people who buy into this idea. It seems absurd and kind of insane to think along those lines. So this elite creator civilization outside of our galaxy has simulated us all for their own enjoyment? So they have nothing better to do than watch me take a dump or drink my tea?

The theory of evolution resonates a lot more for me: that the universe is ridiculously old and the wheels of evolution turn ridiculously slow. To me, the evolution theory is self evident and optimistic. We live in an ever-expanding, ever changing universe, adapting and changing, each trying to follow our bliss (subconscious drives). We are all a product of lust and lust is the raw force of evolution…the urge to merge, to create new and differing life forms … REPLICATION ….we are all literally a bi-product of a “big bang” called SEX. Your mom and dad felt compelled to merge by a mysterious primal force and you are the result of that coming together.

A man does not intellectualize with himself when he gets sexually aroused by a woman, that she is good soil for making a baby and that he would like to sow his seed into her in order to continue his genetic pattern indefinitely. Men are typically demonized for following their biological urges and women are typically deified for following theirs (giving birth, having a baby etc). But all this stuff is going on beneath the surface, all the time for the dudes and the ladies.

So if someone wants to call evolution a kind of simulation – then I agree. One could say we are all a simulation of impersonal evolutionary processes and even astrological forces. We are all just trying to get properly laid, whether we are conscious of it or not. So there is the big bang on the micro level (sexual intercourse leading to pregnancy) and there is the big bang on the macro level (the creation of the universe).

The Kabbalah teaches the big bang theory as does a biology professor – everything originated from the same source, the size of a proton approximately 13 billion years ago and thus everything in the whole vast universe is literally, intimately one, connected with everything else because it originated from the very same source. Its the mysterious, incomprehensible TAO baby, the never-ending interplay of yin and yang. Deal with it.

What about aliens? I love this idea and I think it is quite likely that they exist and perhaps they are among us now. I certainly have seen a lot of really weird looking people in all my travels, but maybe they were just weird looking people. The universe is so very very vast, the odds are that we are not alone. But I mean so what? You still have to deal with whatever cards you were dealt in life. The alien thing seems like mental masturbation to me, something to take our minds off our troubles for awhile, either hoping the aliens will guide us or fearing that the aliens will kill us.

Who knows, maybe WE are the intelligent evolving life forms and other life forms in the universe are only at the earliest stages of evolution at the amoeba stage. Nobody says this or accepts this proposition but it has to be as equally true as the other theories I’ve heard. We earthlings have some wild imaginations, but it does not mean that what we imagine is true, is in fact true, or if there is anything that is truly true at all.

Joe Rogan discusses this very thing in this clip. Thank you Joe for saying this, I’ve been saying it for years and people think I’m delusional…

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