Exploring The Lovely & Grand Country of Ireland (Part One)

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I’ve been all over Ireland (including Northern Ireland). My first adventure there was in 2009. I love the idea of Ireland but the actual place is not as satisfying as my imaginations about it. As a child, some of the earliest ideas I had of Ireland came from an Irish Spring soap commercial and a few Disney movies. They have embraced American fast food chains like Domino’s and Five Guys and Krispy Kreme so some people will feel at home there…I actually think Americans do “Ireland” better than Ireland does “Ireland”. Our pubs, our St Patrick’s day events, Irish Festivals, street names and more… I discovered in 2017 that I have a strong Irish ancestry in my DNA and proof of family migration from Northern Ireland (County Armagh) so I will try to be gentle here…

A puppy staring at me on Aran Islands…

I love the sounds of Ireland most of all. The everyday conversations of the Irish people (especially the women), the birds and the truly spirited Irish jigs and reels…It stirs my soul very deeply.

It was February of 2009, I was down to under a thousand bucks in my bank account and I was living in the Broadway Hostel on the upper west side of New York on 101st & Broadway. I had moved to NYC from Chapel Hill, NC with only $2000 bucks and my soon-expiring unemployment benefits. My unemployment benefits were running out and I had put several job applications in around NYC and went on several interviews for a couple of months with not much luck. So of course, this was the perfect time to go to Ireland!! I found a cheap ticket out of La Guardia and said fuck it, Ireland, here I come…

“Sometimes you just gotta say what the fuck” – Tom Cruise in Risky Business

I flew into Dublin on Delta (FYI – Its better to fly into Shannon on the West coast if you can) and started my personal Irish Vision Quest. I was very low on money so I did the couch-surfing thing combined with hostels and guest houses. I had done couch surfing a couple of years prior while traveling in the Netherlands and had a great experience with it. Little did I know that was about to change…

I explored Dublin by day (went to Temple bar, etc) but felt it was rather expensive, dreary and medieval looking so I did not even stay one night there, and instead took Bus Eireann to Cork in the South. Being the novice vagabond that I was, I booked a night on couch surfing with some random guy outside of Cork without reading the fine print…

One of the many Lochs in Northern Ireland

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