Understanding The Mysteries of the Universal Tao

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We live in a universe of opposites and it will always be this way, yet there are numerous degrees within each pole. Opposites when combined create a third thing… Black and white combined creates grey, man and woman combined creates child, day combined with night creates dusk / dawn, yes combined with no creates maybe, hot combined with cold creates warm and so on.

Smart and Dumb

Happy and Sad

Good and Bad

Fortune and Misfortune

Beauty and Ugliness

Success and Failure

Health and Sickness

Republican and Democrat

Liberal and Conservative

Have and Want

Light and Dark

Safety and Danger

Saints and Sinners

North and South

East and West

Left and Right

On and Off

Death and Life

High and Low

Sweet and Sour

Up and Down

Right and Wrong

Sharp and Dull

Weak and Strong

Love and Hate

Pros and Cons

Heaven and Hell

True and False

Positive and Negative

Yin and Yang

Rich and Poor

Etc, etc, etc … on and on it goes, an endless interplay of opposites. One defines the other and you cant have one without the other. This is a profound, self-evident truth in our everyday reality.

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