Bruce Lee’s Approach to Life: Be Like Water

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I just finished reading, “The Warrior Within” which summarizes the philosophy that Bruce Lee lived by and suggested to others. Below are the main points. Lee has a decidedly Taoist approach to life.

You should do nothing that is not natural or spontaneous. No straining or unnatural striving

Trust your mind, let it work by itself, leave it alone

Forget about yourself and pay attention to what the other person is doing in any interaction.

Don’t live by a rigid schedule. live freely from moment to moment, letting things happen and adjusting to them.

Let your career and daily activities be harmonious expressions of who you really are .

The universe is self regulated. It is indifferent to our desires or wishes. Best to move with the flow rather than against it.

Relaxation fosters fluidity. Relax means to loosen.

This is absolutely incredible guys. You have never seen anything like this!

Love the intro song and graphics…The voice overs are hilarious although they probably did not intend that. Also the 70s soundtrack is ridiculous…reminds me of sesame street. Bruce Lee does some amazing stuff but lets face it, everything is staged like it is in pro wrestling. I believe this was Chuck Norris’ first film as well…

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