28 Unique Insights for Living a Happy Life!

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Aim to be in proximity to people you resonate with, read things you resonate with, watch things you resonate with, do work that you resonate with, live in a physical environment that you resonate with, say things you resonate with, devote yourself to things you resonate with. Then your life will be tones and chords of harmony.

Addiction, obsession or attachment to an object, person, event or condition prevents its manifestation or repels its possession. Things often tend to come after we have totally released it and are nonchalant (not concerned) about it, not clutching so hard.

Age is a right of passage. You have never been the age you are now and next year will be the first time you are that age. Anybody who wants to live long will get older. Today’s 21 year old will be 40 before they know it. We can’t stay locked in a certain age and we are all in the same boat so enjoy the ride, so please let go of all this obsession with age.

When you are scattered, fragmented, you are un-magnitized. There are numerous parts of you going in numerous directions. You have no attraction power. Alignment is power- when all parts of you are united, in unison, all pointed in the same direction towards the attractor.

To manifest your desires, release attachment to the outcome just as you would release attachment to the outcome of a planted seed. After the seed is sown in a fertile place, your “work” then is to make sure it receives water and sunshine.

A panic attack is dormant within us is just waiting to be triggered by a thought or an event or a remark or a headline. There are numerous triggers/landmines lying dormant within us. A mere thought can easily set off an emotional tidal wave.

You were a blank hard drive until people started programming you. You picked up all kinds of bugs, viruses and harmful software programs along the way through your input devices.

Just as your mind can race with troubling or hectic thoughts – make it race with an onslaught of positive and uplifting, encouraging thoughts.

Subtract whatever is weighing you down. This is achieved through releasing. Allowing is a form of releasing.

It all comes down to changing your inner dialogue, images, video/audio content into something more copacetic than the default negative. Create thoughts that generate good feelings, and turn around thoughts that bring down your vibe.

Uplifting feelings come from uplifting thoughts, (that you really believe) negative/discouraging feelings come from negative/discouraging thoughts (that you really believe).

“There are always many possible routes to any destination you have in mind. There is always at least one route that will provide an elegant and simple solution. What you want is the fastest, most fun, least bothersome way to get wherever you want to go with the least effort possible.” – Richard Koch

Childhood: adults telling you the limits of life – what is possible. They themselves living within those limits, you, accepting, unquestioning, absorbing these statements, programs, spells as true. Why would a vulnerable, innocent, sponge-like, being of light all of a sudden become suspicious, antagonistic? These are after all, well meaning people.

An incubation period must take place for anything to grow – plant or animal…Also, it does not happen overnight but after a few weeks or months. Plant some seeds today and you’ll reap a harvest in a few weeks or months with the right growth conditions – not plant seeds today, reap harvest tomorrow.

Conceive, Consider & Test. The missions of NASA, both failures and successes – tell a lot about conceptualizing a lofty goal and the importance of ensuring that each and every step is carefully considered and tested.

Increase your Attraction Force, Decrease your Repulsion Force.

The whole problem of life: feeling bad in mind or body or emotions. The whole solution: feeling good in mind and body and emotions.

Whenever you get lost at any point in life – follow your bliss – right there, right then – in that moment. Keep doing this over and over whenever this feeling of being lost arises. Search your heart – it is there, even if it is not immediately obvious. And following your bliss is rarely about what you ‘should do’. Following your bliss is like a compass that points you in the right direction.

Express whatever is clamoring inside you. Dissonance dissipation. Get any dissonance out through written or verbal expression. Aim to dissipate the vibration. Holding the bad vibrations inside just makes you feel bad.

The Goal is to feel better about whatever is bothering you, causing disturbances in your emotions and thoughts. To gain more control of your emotional responses and a sense of ease and positivity about things. And if not that, to at least a neutral state.

Most thoughts are like spam email – they do everything they can to get your attention, yet are nothing but junk.

The head is running its own program, independent of the body. The head is on autopilot most of the time – it just keeps on going and going and going like the energizer bunny and soaks up most of our awareness in drama, problems & thoughts, while everything below just kind of hangs out. Lesson: connect with your body more consistently

We are on a planet teeming with numerous life forms, precious ecosystems, and natural beauty amidst an utterly uninhabitable, unimaginably volatile universe – raw forces so powerful and space so vast that it exceeds our ability to comprehend their magnitude. It is an absolute miracle that we exist at all, and all the conditions are so perfect in that they allow this to happen. All the conditions were just right and remained constant long enough for life to take place on earth.

The whole problem of life: feeling bad. Physically – Low Energy, Aches, Pains, Stiffness, Tiredness, Bloating, Constipation, Sluggishness, etc . Mentally – Bothersome/hounding thoughts, memories, anticipations, dwelling on problems, etc. Emotionally – Bad feelings, bad vibes, discouragement, jealousy, sadness, rage, boredom, frustration, numbness, loneliness, restlessness, vague feelings of dread, apprehension, intense wanting, intense not-wanting, etc.

Observations, perspectives, opinions, beliefs, assumptions, judgments, reactions, criticisms, commentary, imaginations… are all thoughts.

Each thought has a positive, negative or neutral charge. This causes fluctuations in the system which in turn is broadcasted outwards through waves.

Like a WIFI signal, people in proximity can pick up on whatever wave vibrations we are emitting at any given time – specifically from our nonverbal body language, facial expressions and tone of voice. These vibrations arise from what’s going on in our internal content stream…our thought activity.

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