31 Musings on Happiness for the SBNR Crowd

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Actors/characters/entertainers are the personification of traits we resonate with or would like to develop in ourselves. They are our heroes, gods and goddesses, and our devils, demons and angels. The reason we resonate so deeply with certain characters or movies is because of the archetypes they represent.

There is never a time in your life when it is not this moment. Think about it. Be mindful of wherever you want to go – just remember, it is equally important to give as much attention and presence as you can muster to the step you are taking at this moment.

When you want something strongly it is a force with strong pulling power (attracting). When you don’t want something strongly it is a force with strong pushing power (repelling).

We’re like radios that have the ability to attune ourselves to different frequencies of thought. Whatever station you tune your energy radio towards determines what thoughts are received.

An object will be negatively charged if it has an excess of electrons, and will otherwise be positively charged or uncharged. Get the message?

State whatever you are bugged about, and imagine whatever blissful things that could possibly fix the problem – follow your bliss.

Be happy now. You will then attract more happiness. We tend to get more of what we already have.

One cannot truly love or accept oneself unless one can love or accept one’s parents, because we are all a product of our parents whether we want to be or not.

Whatever you constantly resist is what grows and manifests in your daily life – you are literally “watering” it with your life energy, just as if you were watering seeds in soil.

You are pushing up against it, entangled with it and these inner landmines are being triggered and exploding.

“Drag your thoughts away from your troubles… by the ears, by the heels, or any other way you can manage it.”Mark Twain

Select what would be the best way to fix the problem and establish it as a conscious aim or a way of being that is in alignment with the solution or where you’d prefer your life to go.

Like a computer, we have certain specs we are born with, but the equipment is miraculous and capable – it is what is programmed onto it that leads to errors.

Continual focusing on what you don’t have puts you into a miserable cycle of lack that just gets worse and worse and worse.

Make an attempt that resembles play more than force. If it’s not play, take a step away.

Whenever you force anything (try to make it happen) you activate the first law of thermodynamics – it reacts with equal force in the opposite direction.

It’s easier to get more of something if you already have it to begin with. It’s hard to get something if you don’t have it to begin with. Whatever you have you will tend to get more of. Gratitude leads to more gratitude. Feeling good leads to more of feeling good. Lacking leads to more lacking.

Things are a certain way. Your body is out of shape, your finances are poor, you are without friends or a love relationship. You are bored and frustrated and tired of it all. What to do? The short answer is intelligent action. Intelligent action is not just any action. Because any action will leave you with a generic and likely unsatisfying result.

Express internal dissonance.

Inside our heads, thoughts arise spontaneously. Reactions to what we observe happen and also automatic thoughts that arise without our consent. Sound vibrations come out of our mouths as words and tones that reflect the vibrations we are carrying around inside us.

Thoughts cause feelings. Change the thought, change the feeling. The thoughts we think cause the feelings we feel.

Mental Hardware: The physical organ of the brain contains invisible thoughts that circulate upon it and through it.

Life continues on in a certain way…We believe a certain way because of all our accumulated experiences. We may believe life is fundamentally unchangeable and so feel deflated. Life has been this way for so long in the past – what evidence do I have that it can be different? Yet, life is constantly manifesting, ever new…unfolding in the form that is us.

Does life exist elsewhere? It is certainly possible and perhaps probable given the size and scope of the universe. Maybe there are more evolved and intelligent beings out there. Then again, maybe we are the evolving, intelligent beings and life has not even begun to evolve elsewhere yet in remote corners of the Cosmos. That is at least as possible as the opposite theory.

Neuroscience in a Nutshell: You will see/notice more of whatever you focus on. The brain believes what you tell it most. Your brain will create what you tell it most about yourself. You can rewire your brain with constant practice. Exercise your body but exercise the brain as well. The brain is the master control panel for our mind and body.

If you obsess, you’ll never possess. Obsession is a form of addiction and addiction makes the object of addiction hard to get. In other words: The more you want it, the less likely you are to get it. When you are not looking for it (not attached) then it comes.

Whatever you ask for, if you can believe that it is possible for you to have it then it can be yours.

People tell us things all the time every day of our lives – things they accept as true, conclusions they have made or others have made for them. We see and hear people do things, behave in all kinds of ways – we observe them. We experience/hear/see people doing things to us. From all this, we process this information and come to certain conclusions about life. These conclusions shape our lives every day for our entire lives and determine all we feel and experience.

To manifest your desires, release attachment to the outcome just as you would release attachment to the outcome of a planted seed. After the seed is sown, your job is to water it with consistent attention. Outside of this action, the process of growth is totally out of your control.

The biggest contribution of religion to many lives is fear and judgment. Fear of being sent to an eternal hell, fear of a devil who is always out to get you. Judgment that one is always in the wrong and will be punished for it severely.

Repulsion: a force that pushes objects away from itself. The saying goes, what you want retreats, what you don’t want pursues. This is true in relationships, events, jobs, money, love, etc. You are magnetically repelling (pushing) from you what you do want and magnetically attracting what you do not want (pulling).

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