24 Meditations on Happiness for the “Spiritual But Not Religious”

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Real smiles, real laughter, no body aches or tensions, energy for everything, vibrating positive vibes… these will come from your personal everyday habits and will be reflected in the energy of everything you do.

If focusing, dwelling and thinking about something I don’t want to happen will make it come to pass, then focusing, dwelling and thinking about what I do want will make it come to pass.  If it works one way it has to work the other – it can’t only work for the bad stuff.

Inside our heads, thoughts arise spontaneously. Reactions to what we observe happen and also automatic thoughts that arise without our consent. Sound vibrations come out of our mouths as words and tones that reflect the vibrations we are carrying around inside us.

Panic, lust, anger, frustration, fear, nervousness, excitement are vibrations. My anger with what happened or didn’t happen in the past, my despair that was triggered from what I just saw – it’s all a vibration.

We are capable of generating a negative energy field that affects everything we do and everyone we meet.  The result is repulsion and continued frustration and negativity.

Whatever you want too desperately will elude you constantly. Desperation is strain and strain leads to frustration. If it feels like you are inwardly straining then you are – that straining feeling is subtle feeling. Let up on the gas pedal, don’t push so hard.

Social momentum works (for guys or gals). Google it if you don’t know what social momentum is but it’s mostly for guys bc gals are generally more socialized to be social. We guys have a tendency to retreat to our caves.

Ignore the evidence of your eyes and ears and brain that tell you how bad it is. Go into a dark closet or other secret place and try to get into the feeling place of having things as you wish them to be. Shut the door completely from the outside world and go into the inside world of your feelings and imagination. Suspend the arguments of the mind. Assume the feeling that your wish is fulfilled. Quietly assume that you are already your ideal self. Have the gall, the audacity to not fret about anything. Have irrational, childlike faith.

Clearly define the essence what you prefer to happen in any situation and then let it go. Release it as you would a seed into soil. Just as in nature, not all seeds will sprout however and many of your wishes will never manifest, never make it above ground to see the light of day. So you might as well sow a bunch of seeds.

Faith is a feeling of inner trust / confidence / knowing that in spite of whatever the current facts, circumstances and appearances are to the contrary right now, the things, people or conditions that I prefer to have in my life are in process and will manifest into my reality at the correct moment in time. That feeling may be as small as a mustard seed however.

Don’t consistently ruminate on what you lack; acknowledge it at first but then construct a solution to your problem in your imagination, thinking from the desired end result that you prefer versus merely of the end result.

When you are in resistance, the opposite force is that of non-resistance, of allowing. All your reactions and inner commentary are being manufactured in your mind, so you have the ability to change these inner elements. What’s running in your background awareness right now?

Ease and lightness increase when our inner resistances decrease.

Bummer perceptions create bummer reactions.

Don’t force things, Don’t fret about things, Try to follow your bliss as much as you can

Forgive people for their hostility
Forgive people for their idiocy
Forgive people for being so dumb
Forgive people for being so robotic
Forgive people for their asshole behaviors
Forgive people for doing things that annoy you
Forgive people who do you wrong
Forgive people who do others wrong

Don’t worry about your life. TRUST that all the things you need will be provided for you. Focus on today. Don’t worry about tomorrow. Don’t worry about the future.

Treat others how you want to be treated.

Your moods determine the experiences you encounter.

The solution to life is feeling good in mind, body and emotions.

Thoughts are generated in the brain and emotions are felt in the body in response to whatever thoughts were generated in the brain. Generating a fearful thought in your brain will generate a fearful feeling in your body. Generating an frustrating response in your brain will generate a frustrating response in your body.

All crummy feelings and moods arise from some form of resistance. If you are bugged about something then you are in resistance to it. You are battling it – at war with it. We become bound with whatever we are going to war with. Resistance makes things grow larger over time if the resistance stays constant. Resistance is what makes a muscle grow in weight training for example. If you are bugged about something then you are resisting it, and if you continue to resist it then it will only get bigger and be felt and experienced more acutely. When you stop battling something – you have stopped resisting and so negativity ceases also.
Uncover whatever you can about what is bugging you. Unearth the underlying belief, assumption, opinion, expectation. Uncover the different ways the problem could be fixed.

Immediately change the thought about whatever is bugging you. Train your brain to think as you’d prefer it to think.

Immediately change the assumption, opinion, expectation or opinion into something tremendously better – or at least neutral if you cannot immediately dream up something tremendously better.

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