The Gospels: Remixed for a Modern Audience

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I’ve read the Bible in its entirety three times in my life. As a child, my parents and grandparents would pay us kids $50 if we memorized an entire book of the Bible! Unthinkable I know, but of course we picked the smallest books first. Such is the Puritan mindset that I came out of. But certainly the Bible is chocked full of life wisdom – this does not at all mean that people read it or practice it or that any of these themes are preached from the pulpit in church. They have money to collect and can’t be bothered with talking about the golden rule, you should have learned that one in kindergarten. These are my interpretations of the four gospels from just reading the red letters and nothing else. Below some things are repetitive but all the four gospels are repetitive. Seems like you could have just had the book of John and that would have been enough. Matthew, Mark & Luke are like reading identical ‘books’ with little variation. They call them ‘books’ of the Bible, but they are really more like chapters.

Give and it shall be given unto you in abundance. Give money, receive money. Give guidance, receive guidance. Give love, receive love. Give hate, receive hate. You will obtain back whatever energy you send out. Whatever you give out to the world will be given back to you. Ask Life for whatever you have need of and please be specific.

Believe that you will receive what you have asked Life for and you will get it. The things we ask life for are delivered in exact proportion to our level of trust that we have in Life to bring it to us. Forgive people for doing things to annoy you and do you harm, even if they do it a bunch of times. You can’t afford to harbor unforgiveness because it will destroy you and block your life from receiving good things. Do you like it when people judge you? Then stop judging other people. As with everything else I have been saying, you’ll get back exactly what you give out to the world. It works like a boomerang.

Don’t focus on the faults of others. We have a tendency to focus on faults in other people that are actually very tiny – we can get really nit-picky in this area. All the while we are doing this, we are unaware of our own faults that are glaringly obvious to other people. Besides, what you focus on will expand so pretty soon all you will be seeing is the faults of others and none of the good.

Everyone who asks for things from life will receive exactly what they ask for if they can just trust life to bring it…without fretting about it and worrying as to whether or not it will come. Life will give good things to those who ask. Life will give you exactly what you ask for if you just trust it to do so. Don’t worry about tomorrow. Especially how you are going to make it and get your needs met. Just remain focused on today. There is plenty to focus on today besides. Don’t ignore all the important things going on today by being so fixated on what will happen tomorrow. When tomorrow comes, will you be focus on that day or already be looking ahead to the next tomorrow? Please stop all this madness.

Treat others however you yourself want to be treated in life.
Your choice of words in daily life is very important – the words that you think and the words that you speak. Choose positive ones.
The way to the good life is to focus on what you do have and to be grateful for that. Through this simple action you will eventually increase the little you have into abundance – it will grow from something that may be presently small into something very big.
Continual focusing on what you don’t have just puts you into a miserable cycle of lack that just gets worse and worse and worse.

Everything, everything, everything starts small and grows big in time if it receives nourishment. Truly, truly, if you can muster just a smidgen of trust that what you ask for will come to pass, nothing will be impossible for you to manifest. If someone really irks you, take them aside and tell them what it was they did to bother you. Forgive the wrongdoings of others no matter how many times they may have done wrong against you. This is the higher way.

There is great power in collective asking as long as each person doing the asking is in agreement with the others regarding what is being asked for. Collective asking is like a magnified, supercharged, super-effective prayer with accelerated results. Everything starts small and grow big – if it is nourished. Whatever does not receive nourishment will die.

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