Astrology: Ancient System of Self- Knowledge or Totally Bunk?

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I have studied the major systems of astrology in depth for the past 20 years. These are the best tools for self knowledge available in my opinion. I have a BA in Sociology from the University of North Carolina and have done a deep dive over the years on everything from re-birthing to yoga to religion to self help to psychology and more (Meyers-Briggs, the Enneagram, ‘What Color is Your Parachute’, etc). I’ve heard all the skeptics points of view about Astrology ranging from Carl Sagan to random youtube personalities. These ancient systems of knowledge are tossed aside as intellectually inferior, superstitious, misleading and a waste of time. The interesting thing about this is, one could probably look at the natal chart of the skeptical individual and clearly see that this individual was astrologically predisposed to be skeptical.

I guess Carl Sagan did not know that Sir Issac Newton, the founder of Physics was heavily into astrology as well as Leonardo Da Vinci, Henry Ford, Ronald Regan, JP Morgan, the nation of China, the nation of India, the nation of Tibet, Jewish Mysticism (Kabbalah), The Freemasons, The Ancient Romans, The Ancient Egyptians, virtually all the major celebrities and a host of other brilliant men and women who have studied the movements of the planets. This is definitely not a “nothing-burger”, people!! 

First of all, these systems have been greatly misrepresented, watered & dumbed down over the years by hucksters of all kinds in the same way religious zealots and extremists have given their religion a bad name. It is often called, ‘witchcraft’ by small minded people. Its a generic label that is thrown on something that is not fully understood. But this is no small label…countless people have been brutally tortured and killed under that label over the centuries. But for the record, Astrology is the study of the effects of planetary movements within our solar system upon the inhabitants of planet earth. There are no spells cast, no entities consulted, no prayers of any kind to any supposed spirit beings. There is little use at all in the daily horoscope advice one might read in the newspaper for example. If people are merely ridiculing that then I would agree with them. The daily Horoscope in the newspaper is pure filler – think fortune cookie. If science genius Carl Sagan was criticizing that then I would agree with him.

Being a Sociology major in college I was interested in macro influences that influence us all. Well, astrology is the ultimate study of macro influences! Do you doubt this? Ok, lets put this to bed quickly. Take the Sun. You know that big fire ball in the sky that you cannot look at for too long without burning your eyes out? Does anybody think for a even a millisecond that the Sun has no effect on planet earth? Well your Sun sign in astrology accounts for approximately 80% of who you are and what you do. You can fit 1,300,000 “earths” inside the sun. The sun is by far the “big dog” when it comes to astrology, no question about it. 

The Sun represents how you SHINE in everyday EXTERNAL LIFE, (or not) among other things.

How about the moon? That big ball of cheese in the sky we see at night. Does anybody doubt for a millisecond that the moon does not have an effect on planet earth – whether we can see it on any given day or not? The tides are a great example of the moon’s effect on our planet. The moon is so powerful that it has a scientifically proven cause and effect link upon our globe every single second, but yeah, it has no effect on us humans at all the skeptics say. Give me a break!! We are little dots, people! These are gigantic, powerful influences that our little minds can hardly comprehend. Oh yeah, about 60% of the human body is composed of water and 71% of planet earth is comprised of water. So the moon can move oceans of water in and out every moment creating waves and also within the very crust and core of the earth itself but I see what the naysayers mean now – there is no connection at all between the moon and our lives on planet earth whatsoever. I’m being sarcastic here obviously. If the moon can move the oceans, it certainly can move whatever tiny bit of fluid we have inside our bodies. 

Its not a reach to say that the moon affects us all in many profound ways. The Moon represents REFLECTION & the INNER LIFE of our thoughts and emotions.

What about the other planets? Google it if you don’t believe me – the planet Jupiter has protected earth from space debris over the eons and still does to this day just by its sheer presence. An asteroid would have taken us out long ago if it were not for Jupiter. You can fit 1300 “earths” into Jupiter, its that damn big. The smaller planets have a lesser physical, measurable effect on planet earth, but in classical astrology, the smaller planets do not play a major role at all. The Sun and Moon are the big players in the astrological system, followed by Jupiter & Saturn, then comes the lesser influences of Mars,Venus and Mercury. Pluto, Neptune, and Uranus are not mentioned in classical astrology texts because they were not even discovered yet. However, the outer planets move very slowly and the cause and effect link from them upon planet earth is still present, although more dimly felt than the larger, closer planets. Uranus represents wild genius and electricity (think Nicola Tesla) and was first discovered in 1781. Interestingly, electricity was discovered by Ben Franklin in 1759 and the first electric light was invented only 20 years (1800) after the discovery of Uranus. I don’t think this is coincidental.

Jupiter, Earth’s literal protector from space debris. Jupiter represents EXPANSION & LUCK. It is literally vibrating with fantastic, electric purple energies at each pole.

Its best to think of astrological movements as how magnets react with one another. This mysterious, magnetic force is what holds our entire universe together and has for all of eternity. The very core of planet earth is a magnet! What about the other planets? Well their influence upon us is much less than the Sun and the Moon but they still definitely have an influence upon our us just by the sheer mass of the planet itself – its just basic physics. The ancients did not have TV, internet, malls, radio, electricity, light bulbs or anything that we rely on everyday for our existence. They had a lot of time to study the movements of the planets over the eons with zero distraction. What else was there to do back then? I have traveled all over the world to very remote places including ancient temples that are thousands of years old. They were all into astrology – this includes ancient Christian temples – you can see all the zodiac signs and planetary alignments in painted murals on the temple walls.   

The Ancient Chaldeans were the true masters of Astrology & Numerology.
This about sums it up. You can get enlightened just by meditating on these facts alone!

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