Vibration-Raising Playlist – All Time Faves…

Let this area of the site be dedicated to music. It can often lift your soul like nothing else can if you are open to it. Music is so subjective, I get it, we all have our likes and dislikes. But everything I post here is my jam. I will post randomly in this section & most of this content is housed on Youtube. You might wanna try Youtube premium so you don’t have to listen to the ads. I am a music connoisseur extraordinaire my darlings. My range extends far and wide, so if you don’t like something I like such as electronic music, then check out the links to some of the other genres of music, you will probably find something your soul will groove with. Feel free to investigate. Some of this stuff is so good, there are no words to express it. What good would ‘The Happiness Detective’ be without a major playlist to raise one’s vibrations?? I will also post some of my musical adventures here as the spirit leads as well as some other relevant musings. When I listen to really good music I feel tingles all over my body, I can feel waves of electrical impulses firing off in my brain. You can give yourself an internal shower of ‘feel good’ by turning up the volume.

Say what you want about America – we have massive issues but the body of music that has come out of the USA in the past century is beyond words people. Beautiful things can come out of travail. Bob Marley said his best music came from when he was sleeping on a concrete floor while bullets were flying over his head. Jazz came out of travail as well. It was birthed in Congo Square outside of the French Quarter in New Orleans amongst the backdrop of terrible persecution by slave owners. Scroll down below to skip to your preferred Musical Genre, depending on your mood….

Jazz Music

For starters, check out WWOZ radio in New Orleans. It is a fantastic free option that you can listen to over the internet from anywhere in the world. See if it does not put you in a better mood. I’m listenin right now!! Its workin y’all…like in mere moments…lol. Take it from a Nawlin’s Local Y’all. Its a gumbo of different genres and sounds. I have listened to this radio station since I was like 12. Here’s da link:

The best Sammy Davis Jr diddy that I have heard yet. No singing, just playing drums and piano. Very smooth and upbeat. It will change your mood fast!
KMHD in Portland, Oregon is another fantastic Jazz station you can listen to free online.

Soul Music

Artists like James Brown make me proud to be an American. Sounds corny I know. But seriously this man belts out some sounds!! The lyrics of this tune are powerful. Love the fan-fair, love the horns. This was made for the movie Rocky IV, damn fellas great job, thanks for the memories, my compliments to the chef…
My other all time favorite JB song. This was JB in his prime. He had the moves, he had the voice. What a phenomenon. I love the background dancers in this video – straight out of the 70’s. The female dancer is like in perfect synch with the beat.

Light Classic Rock / Easy Listening

This is my favorite Clapton performance hands down. The pianist solo is amazing, it really completes this song.
The Grateful Dead is an acquired taste for some. But Jerry Garcia & Co were musical geniuses of the highest order and they come from the good ol’ USA. When you are tired of hearing Led Zeppelin or Pink Floyd for the millionth time, give the Dead a try. This particular song, ‘Truckin’ is a great song for the road. In fact all the Grateful Dead songs are great for groovin and travelin’.
A very odd and mysterious song, sang by Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead. Listen to the words. This one will make you think…it also hearkens back to the glory days of California.
‘Fire on the Mountain’ is a must listen. This is a favorite song of many Grateful Dead fans.
Deep Song, one of Sting’s best imo. There is something wrong with the audio for a millisecond about half way through the song. It was like that in the 80’s too, I think it was an error made in the studio. But what a romantic portrayal of angst. Angst for whatever reason, Sting does not mention specifically what his angst is about but its indicated that its regarding love. The same words could apply to Philosophical questions as well. It also points towards the consequences of wearing one’s emotions on one’s sleeve… I’ve been down that road before myself.
Can’t forget about U2. I saw them in concert back in 1993 during the Zoo TV tour. Sat in the 7th row with my cousin & Bjork was the opening act. We were at Arrowhead stadium in Kansas City. Anyway this is a beautiful rendition of Bono’s “One”. I very much like the original with Bono singing solo, but Mary J. Blige brings some serious soul to the song and I think the result is beautiful. I did not like any of the duets on Bono’s duets album but he got it right with this song.
I’ve listened to all of U2’s albums, this is the best imo. Its really rich in so many ways. Its way beyond the “still have not found what i’m looking for” bit. I absolutely love this version of U2. Industrial, edgy, weird, etc, etc. I think the album was made in Berlin, Germany shortly after the wall came down. The entire album is good….every song. Berlin is a very musical town. Thank you, U2.
One of Pink Floyd’s lesser known albums and one of my favorites depending on what kind of mood I’m. in. The guitar riffs are kinda twangy and the lyrics of Pink Floyd are always profound. The entire album is good.
Division Bell is my other favorite Floyd album. Very contemplative, moody, dark-ish. But it has a smooth flow to it. Its got a dreamlike quality. It was Pink Floyd’s last big album.
This song has long been worn out in America. Its on auto-play on several music stations and has been used in commercials galore. But, its still in our heads so you might as well see this live version. Pure Phil, doing this song like only he can. If you didn’t know, Phil plays the drums and sings. Really impressive. If you play this before going out for a night on the town, it can put you into a state where anything is possible.
Such a wonderful drum duel. I have never seen anything like it! BRAVO!!
David Gilmore, co-founder and lead singer of Pink Floyd showing he’s still got it in this new version of “Run Like Hell”. A very emotional ending that was filmed in Roman ruins! I love the keyboardist’s solo and the background singers, they bring another quality to this song, which first appeared in 1973 on ‘Dark Side of the Moon’
Steely Dan’s ‘Aja’ is an absolute masterpiece. The entire album reeks of genius, I’ve got fragments of this album floating around in my brain at all times. The lyrics, the vocals, the background singers, the drummers, the keyboardist, the horns…This is generally considered to be the absolute best Steely Dan album by most Steely Dan fans. Steely Dan did not have a permanent band, it was just the two guys (Donald Fagen & Walter Becker) and they hired out different musicians and vocalists for each song. They keep the sound fresh and unique and interesting by doing this. I tried seeing Steely Dan in NYC back in 2009 when they were doing the Aja tour. I bought some tickets from some guy I met on craigslist and thought I was getting a break for $100. Turns out the tickets were phony, I got scammed so never got a chance to see them live. (Becker is dead now). However I did run smack dab, face to face with Donald Fagen while taking the stairs out of the subway at Columbus Circle so that was cool….Michael McDonald does background vocals in this album as well.
‘It Keeps You Runnin’ could be the theme song of my life. Michael McDonald just has a way of carrying your soul up to the heavens. He sings with such passion, every ounce of his soul is poured into his singing.
From deep in the heart of Texas we have Stevie Ray Vaughn. He is considered by some to be the greatest guitar player to ever live. He was killed in a helicopter crash in the 80’s. He went through terrible drug and alcohol addiction, then fully recovered, only to be killed in a random event. His legacy will live on. There is a statue of him in downtown Austin on Congress Street near the bat caves. I have never heard a better blues-style guitar player. He is #1 of all time in my book.
Another masterpiece, no singing just pure guitar. When he performed this song live he used to say that this song was dedicated to all those who are suffering. If you are suffering in any way for whatever reason maybe this well help you as it has helped me.
This is considered to be SRV’s best song of all time. It is my personal favorite if I had to choose just one. Here is Stevie performing in his home town of Austin. Look at his passion and devotion to his craft. Oh Stevie, what a legacy you have left behind.
This is my favorite Doors song after LA Woman. You were a shooting star Jim. We have the same birthday of December 8th. Sammy Davis Jr. was also born on December 8th. This song is very mysterious and deep, but all of the Doors albums pretty much were that way.
This song is so killer. The 70’s hammond organ is just nuts and totally makes the song fly. Jim filmed this video shortly before his death.

Electronic Music

Tangerine Dream makes me think of the 80’s. More specifically 80’s movie music soundtracks. There is this contemplative vibe, like something is building up, something is coming. Hard to describe, but this tune is fantastic for quiet contemplation.
My man Kevin Yost is on the job. One of my all time favorite DJ’s. I would call it Tech House or Tribal House. He is a very talented musician, plays several instruments himself. I used to blast Yost over my Peavey speakers, the entire house was throbbing and vibrating. Keep it Deep y’all.
Kids, this is Mark Farina. His big thing was, is the Mushroom Jazz series. It goes from one on up. I think its around 12 in the series right now. If you don’t like MJ3, you may like some of his other ones. Its a rich collection of groovy sounds. I had a drink with Farina before his DJ set which I attended at Solas in Raleigh, NC. Mark is servin’ it up Chicago style y’all. Can you dig it!!??
I never get tired of ‘Dreams of You’. It really gets me going when I need it. It keeps on delivering the goods! I generally don’t scream a man’s name in the morning, but Yost has got it going on. lol
Another Yost with the most…You have never heard anything like it. I would recommend listening to this especially if you have racing thoughts.
Another Groove by Yost & Co. Sometimes you just really need to kick into your groove.
I can’t decide which is my favorite Mushroom Jazz album. Its either 5 or 3. I’m mean you wanna listen to it all the way thru. Its got some hip hop & rap elements, which may or may not be your cuppa tea and thats ok. This is about upping your vibes, getting into your groove.
Chicane. You might hear Chicane and think of something from the ‘Night at the Roxbury’ or whatever, but this particular jam kicks your emotions into high gear. I would classify it as atmospheric trance music. This was huge in the early 2000’s / late 1990’s…It was only for a small window of time but I hope the wave returns in a bigger and better way soon. A lot of his stuff sounds similar (e.g. Sade), but he created a few masterpieces of electronic music. Chicane is one of the big pioneers and electronica geniuses.

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