Alan Watts narrates this lovely wise tale. One of the wisest ways you can spend 2 minutes is to watch this video.

Wow, buckle your seat belt for this one. Definitely a red pill film here. I am not saying I believe this is true, but I’m also not saying that I don’t believe this is true. Decide for yourself. Brilliant documentary.
I first saw this documentary in 2006 in New Orleans. Its stunning, brilliant, scary but somehow uplifting and optimistic regarding the future. I’ve watched many interviews with Peter Joseph, he seems like authentic vs a charlatan. He narrates the documentary and it is his creation. A very bold, very intense guy. I was not as enthusiastic about the other Zeitgeist documentaries, but this one is a must watch.
An Amazing lecture by the one and only Neville Goddard!! This is a red pill video…WARNING your mind may be blown.
‘My Man Godfrey’ is a truly delightful and lighthearted film starring William Powell & Carole Lombard. Its a great film to watch when you just want to tune out and be entertained. The film was was released in 1936.